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What does RPBC believe?

  • That GOD the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit are all One, yet separate.

  • That GOD the Father has a perfect plan.

  • That HIS Son JESUS fulfilled the plan.

  • That the HOLY SPIRIT guides mankind through the plan.

Our Mission 

  • Love GOD Love People

  • To know JESUS & to make JESUS known

  • To obey the HOLY SPIRIT & teach others to do the same

Our Vision 

  • To become a community of hope in a dark & broken world

  • To help find solutions during difficult circumstances

  • To be a source of encouragement during a time of discouragement


Our Values


  • To welcome, accept & embrace all people

  • To celebrate their accomplishments, success & victories; mourn their losses, trials & hurt

  • To operate with integrity, honor & dignity, while teaching GOD’s truths  


Our Strategy

  • To pray for HIS guidance


  • To study HIS word


  • To serve HIS people  

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